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A tribute page to the goldens who have played a roll in our bloodlines here at Spirit Rider Farm over the years.

My first golden,Teka was the fairy tale beginning to our lives with this beautiful breed. We were novices along with her and started our career showing with little background. We had the "farm" dog that came to town and turned heads. We were thrilled we had such a willing, gentle, loving golden as our foundation for our lines. Teka turned 16 Feb 23 2010 and sadly passed peacefully on May 15,2010.

Ch Spiritrider's Forest Master"Hunter"

He was my boy. He was my companion, my confident and had a true heart of gold. He loved to please me and make me smile. His beautiful soul was cut short when he was attacked and killed by a wolf cross dog.Forever in my thoughts.

Isla is our wonderful girl that was born in Scotland and raised here. She is co-owned with Shannon Flynn of Coppermoon Golden Retrievers. She is retired and loving just being loved.I delight in getting to enjoy her daughters Ipo and Karma. Isla is a popular Scottish girls' name and also a river there. Pedigree link:

Spiritrider's Hawaiian Blend

Kona has been retired to live with her sister Ember and does occasional therapy work with her at a school. She loves to run the trails and mountains and entertain her human mom. She produced several working therapy dogs that continue to do great work.

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