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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your puppies on non-breeding agreements and what does that mean?
To do what we do requires time and dedication. We do not want to add to the pet population without care. While many people may choose to get a shelter dog, we maintain a breed of a dog that has more predictable nature, health and abilities for those who choose to buy and raise responsibly. Only those dogs that have met certain standards should be bred and thus we must protect the breed from those that have less than honorable intentions.

Why is your health guarantee limited?
While we have done as much as we can to help ensure a healthy puppy for our buyers, we have found that once the puppy is in its new home, it may not always be in the optimal conditions for proper health maintenance, such as weight allowance, jumping heights, excessive running, food choice etc. Thus, beware of so called "lifetime" guarantees.

At what age can the puppy go home?
Puppies need proper socialization to ensure a good start in life and we place our puppies at 8 weeks of age to allow the critical time with the litter mates.

What is a lifetime take back guarantee?
We are responsible for the decision to bring these puppies into the world, so ultimately we have to know for a lifetime that these puppies have forever homes. We do not want our dogs turnded into a shelter for placement. If for any reason you are unable to keep the dog, we must be the first ones you contact to discuss the rehoming situation. This does not however, mean that you can friviously take on the responsibility to get a dog in the first place. This is a life form. Not a book you take back to the library.

Will we get to choose our own puppy?
I certainly welcome your input and by getting to know you and your family members before the puppy goes home, I develop a profile of you and then try and match the best possible puppy for you. I identify the pups from birth and track their progress not only physically, but psychologically. I am watching the litter everyday for 8 weeks and I get to know them pretty well. When visitors come for a hour visit for example, the best puppy for them may have just crashed for a nap, but they will never know that in such a short time frame. I make note of your preferences and often there are a few puppies that will meet your requirements.

What are the puppies fed?
We strongly believe in the benefits of feeding natural raw food, however we do feed a premium kibble as well for reasons we are happy to discuss with you. The health of our dogs for generations (and lack of vet bills!) proves it. However, feeding raw is not for everyone. We do have some buyers who wish to feed raw, some who wish to do dry(kibble) and some who wish to do both, like we do. Thus our pups are raised on raw and dry food meals so they may be fed either way when they are in your home.

Can I pay less if I don't want the papers?
It is illegal in Canada to sell a dog as "purebred" without providing registration papers. Papers may not "mean" anything to you, however they are a sign of a traceable pedigree that tells a lot about the source of your puppy and the reputation of the breeder.
Anyone selling some with papers and some without is in it for the not buy from these people!..make a choice for ethics
our pedigrees can be seen on or on our website

Can we meet both parents?
You will always meet the mother. You will usually not meet the father. This is because, I am always looking for the best stud dog match and it may be a another dog that lives in the province or somewhere in Canada, the United States or overseas. Rarely do good breeders have both the mother and father.

Can we visit the pups?
Yes, I welcome you and your family to come meet the pups after they have reached at least 4 weeks old. Please do not visit with other dogs, go to pet stores or vet clinics before coming to visit, or if you are very ill yourself in order to protect the health of our young babies. We send all our adopting families weekly email updates and pictures so you don't miss out on the first 8 weeks.

What is apptitude testing?
This is a series of well known tests administered to pups to help determine their abilities, confidence levels etc. in order to help with placement. 

Why do you want to know what type of vehicle we have?
While it may seem quick & easy to put the dog in the back of an open pickup truck tied or untied, it is the most irresponsible form of care I witness. The dog should be crated and the crate secured in this case, and protected from the wind chill that is obvious.

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