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Puppy Info

Puppy Pie

Take one puppy, roll and play until lightly pampered, then add the following ingredients:

1 cup patience

1 cup understanding

1 pinch correction

1 cup hard work

2 cups praise

1 1/2 cups fun

Blend well. Heat with the warmth of your heart until raised or until puppy has doubled in size. Mix with owner until consistency is such that owner and puppy are one.

Bon Appetite!

Our pups go through a couple programs while being raised here to help make them healthier, smarter dogs.

Scent Stimulation


We also use techniques and protocols from a couple different development programs along with our training to prepare them for therapy and assistance work.

Puppy Application- Click Here and then please email it to us at mail

Please bear in mind that filling out an application does not guarantee a puppy. Our puppies are placed in the most suitable forever homes. We place priority in therapy or assistance homes. and in companion homes where someone is home with the dog during the day.

Our puppies:
-are vaccinated
-CKC registered
-apptitude tested
-sold on CKC non-breeding agreement
-include starter food pack
-6 weeks of free pet insurance
-have a lifetime take back guarantee
-Gift bag of accessories
-Complete pre & post purchase support
These are the basics, but what we offer goes way beyond this list. We are the alternative to the $350 dollar puppy listed in the paper. We are not "backyard breeders"We have been breeding since 1994 and do it because we have a passion for the breed

It is very important to stimulate puppies brains and expose them to lots of different things, physically and visually. We use a puppy activity center that has shiny things, objects that make noise, different shapes etc. The pups love to play with it and I love the interaction they get from it. Just one of the many things we use to get your pup off to a great start.


***Please be aware that our health contract will be void should you spay or neuter your puppy before 18 months for males and before the first heat cycle for females....THUS, if you cannot do this for some reason or cannot protect your pup from breeding during this period then we do not recommend applying for a pup from us. If you would like to read more about the dangers of spaying and neutering early please go to our articles page.

If you have come to us because you are looking for longevity and reduction of health issues, please take heed of our recommendations and experience to increase your probability of those things. 

Please remember that I have invested a lot of heart, energy, time and funds into researching, testing, training, showing, matching stud dogs, breeding and raising a puppy for a long, happy and healthy life and by carefully placing the puppies I have some piece of mind in knowing I did my best to ensure against, neglect or reproduction of inferior breeding dogs.

I have been a member of The Canadian Kennel Club for over 20 years and am a member and a current director of the Alberta Golden Retriever Club of Alberta.

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