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Our family has resided in Rocky Mountain House for over 20 years now and when we moved onto this quarter section in 2001 we started building on our dreams. Our farm has always been diversified as peak work loads and harvests vary through the year and one interest often feeds others such as sheep manure for the flowers and gardens. 

Our Golden Retrievers have been a major part of our lives for over 20 years. From stimulating the newborns to caring for the elderly, we have been enriched by their love of life and their unconditional love. I have been a member and director of the Golden Retriever Club of Alberta for a number of years. I am passionate about this breed and believe in protecting it from people who own or breed unethically, for other unscrupulous reasons. A high percentage of our dogs go into service and assistance work and it is very rewarding to see these relationships blossom.

Several years ago we ran a large herd of Angora goats. The mohair was marketed internationally and was also used in several value added products we sold such as kits and yarns. We latter transitioned into Katahdin sheep and then took a break from the industry for a few years. We now have a small flock of Rideau Arcott x sheep which are noted for their high production and fast rate of gain. We will have naturally raised healthy lamb for sale in the fall of 2022 once again for purchase.

A lifelong love of growing, gardening and a spell of being a floral designer at the Banff Spring Hotel, has developed into growing flowers for the markets, florists, workshops, wedding flowers and upick opportunities.

A creative vein runs through me and with my degree in sculpture I run a studio that produces work for galleries, online sales and workshops in predominately glass. 

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