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How we raise our pups

I am constantly reading and learning and I have a saying. "When we know better, we do better" Thus we do some things differently then we did over 20 years ago when we first started. Technology has changed, techniques have changed, foods have changed, so we are in constant flux it seems sometimes, but in order to do what we do we must be open to trying new things and ways of thinking.

We draw on a couple different puppy raising protocols along with our years of experience in order to give the puppies the best potential start.


Scent Stimulation

As a number of our dogs go into working therapy and assistance type situations, our pups are raised with this in mind and exposed to many of the smells, sights and sounds of those situations, including exposure to medical aids such as wheelchairs and walkers.

Our pups are born in our living room so they can be carefully monitored in the very critical first few weeks for both mom and pups. I sleep right beside my litters till I feel pups are capable of not being caught under a tired mom. Then pups transition into various pens set ups in the house that include potty areas and learning stimulation areas. They are also taken on various ventures to expose them to different situations. As pups progress to solid meals, they are often fed outside so they learn to potty outside quickly after. This usually means our litters often go home almost entirely housebroken. (especially winter litters ). When it comes time for their vet check there is always a competition at the clinic as to who gets to come assist my vet when she makes her housecall here.

Outdoor exploration is important to confidence building
Mastered the big moving object

Surfaces that move underfoot

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