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Mosaic Garden Art Workshop

Mosaic Garden Stakes.jpg

Think you would like to try stained glass crafting or mosaic?

This class is a great introduction to both! You will learn glass cutting,grinding and glass handling techniques using my ample bins of coloured scrap to avoid the pressure of cutting large expensive sheets of glass. All techniques you need to make stained glass pieces but a little more relaxed format as the glass pieces are used in mosaic work with less precision required.


Add a little art to your garden! Make a unique feature that will add a pop of colour and interest. This 30 cm mosaic piece is mounted on a stake. The same shape can be made into a hanging piece if you don't have a garden to put it it. 

You will design your piece, cut and adhere the glass to a sturdy weather proof backing material which is precut and drilled and grout it so it can go outside. 

 Date for September to be announced or several people can book a day event together. 

You will need to come an additional time to grout once your glass adhesive has cured. It will take approx 1.5 hrs to grout and clean and is arranged with the instructor for a convenient time.  Limited spots. Must wear close toed shoes.

Workshop includes all materials including glass, use of studio tools and mounting stake with foot push.  $90 plus gst

Book your spot at

Come make a one of a unique all real wool bird pod with the wool from our flock of sheep. Give the birds a warm dry home to bring up their young. The nest is naturally water resistant.  The wool has been sheared from our flock, then washed, carded and dyed into a rainbow of colours for you to choose from. You will learn wet felting and needle felting techniques. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are ok to get wet just in case. All supplies included. 2 evenings  or a afternoon (approximately 4 hours) $ 50 


Email to register

You can also book a custom date for a group of four.

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Mosaic Window Art

GOG Mosaic (Glass on Glass)

This is an introduction to working with glass mosaic. You will adhere glass pieces you cut or nip onto a glass base and then grout it. The piece is framed in recyled Alberta barn wood which is included. The size is   . Random mosaic style is encouraged as opposed to the precise technique needed for tiffany style stained glass. (This is a good class to take prior to taking copper foil stained glass) You are free to design your own piece to make it uniquely yours and you can choose from a plethora of stained glass scrap to make your window so you don't have the added pressure and expensive of full sheets of glass crumbling in your hands.

$150 plus gst All materials included. Limited Spots. 

Sept. dates coming soon. Grouting is done in a separate session when the glass adhesive is dry. It will require about 1.5-2 hrs. 

Traditional Stained Glass -Tiffany Style/Copper Foil

Stained glass heart_edited.jpg

Have you always wanted to learn stained glass or would you like to make something for someone special? You will learn the basic skills needed that will enable you to make various other, more advanced stained glass projects.

The hearts are one of a kind and colour and glass choice is up to you as you choose from my ample bins of scrap glass so no stress from breaking expensive large sheets of glass.

First class is on date stated and then any additional time is arranged with instructor although this is usually ample time. 

All materials supplied. No experience required. Limited Spots

 9-4:30 pm

Please bring a lunch. 

$120 plus gst

Date to be determined. Or book your group .


Fused Glass Mosaic Dish

Info Loading Soon

Cancellation policy: If you cancel more than 7 days in advance you get 75% of your fee back. If you cancel less than 7 days in advance you get 50% back. 

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