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Therapy, Assistance and Working Dogs

Some of the wonderful working dogs that have come from Spirit Rider and gone on to have great working lives.

For more information about our working dogs, please check out how we raise our pups.

For a list of our resources regarding training  these types of jobs please click here.

We are so pleased to find out that one of the golden retrievers we bred has a very important job. Comet has been training and passed the testing and has been identified as a dog capable of detecting lung cancer. He works several days a week training and working. What a wonderful job his owners have done with him to devote the time required for this specialized work.

If you would like to see him at work, there is a short video at this link below:



Golden Retriever
DOB: February 15, 2012
team member since August 2014

A graduate of clevercanines pupstart and core programs, Comet has been in the cancer detection program since August 2014. His favourite reward is treats. Comet’s natural alert is to drool excessively while licking the correct sample, which through training, he no longer does. His trained alert is to sit in front of the correct sample. Comet is incredibly thorough, often going up and down the row of samples several times before selecting the correct station to ensure confidence in his decision. He is incredibly diligent and has a strong work ethic.

GR CH Spiritrider's Card To Coppermoon CGN RN

This is Eilish working in Ontario with some young people. She was certifed with St.John's Ambulance Therapy program.

"Hannah Mae" - Spiritrider's This young dog was been called upon to do great work in her life. She cared for 2 people in the same family who have various health issues. Some of the things she was called upon to do is: retrieving objects, alerting for sleep apneia, unconsiousness, steading her owners walk, calming anxiety attacks, alerting for dangers.

Bella is pictured at work here at the UofA. She was certified with CAAWLS at just over one yer of age and works in various enviroments.

Spiritrider's Hot Stuff McDuff ...McDuff for short had been working for a number of years in therapy work at various senior's homes, the Alberta Children's Hospital and numerous other events. He was the youngest dog ever certified through PALS when he passed the testing. Here he is seen meeting Mickey Mouse at an event.


Darwin and Hazel are litter mates who both passed the tough PALS tests and are out and about working their charming personalities to brighten people's day

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